Jason Grijzen
Jason GrijzenPresident

Jason is a 9 to 5 corporate maker by day, and rouge masked maker by night.  (also a husband and dad).

When he’s not measuring the FVM to see whatelse he can jam through the doors you can find him in his garage working on something.

Steve Magnusson
Steve MagnussonTreasurer

Steve is a guy that knows a lot about everything. Working with greenhouse controls during the week and tinkering with electronics and whatever else comes across his path through the nights/weekends keeps him busy for the most part.

He is a married man so ladies hands off. Please!

Ehud Yaniv
Ehud YanivSecretary
Ehud is a teacher and husband. Lately he has decided this is not enough and is now learning to become a ‘maker.”  While he knows little about making things, he knows a lot about people and organization.

Current interests are Quadcopters, Arduino, and the desire to build a Battle Bot.

Mike Kirk
Mike KirkCommunications Director

Mike is a web developer that’s keen to explore the real world and  make things that actually exist. His interests include Arduino, RPi and he’s exploring generative art along with a hundred other things.

In his spare time he hangs around with his wife and two kids and enjoys a good block party.