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The FVM Kossel is a beefed up version of the standard Mini Kossel with many upgrades:
- 2020 aluminum extrusions – stronger and more rigid
- 220mm diameter borosilicate glass print bed – larger than the Mini Kossel’s 170mm
- effective print volume ~210mm diameter, ~220mm height (about 150% more volume than Mini Kossel)
- aluminum heated bed (heating coil circuit printed directly on 3mm aluminum plate)
- DRV8825 stepper motor drivers (1/32 step) – finer control and quieter in operation
- E3D metal print head (0.4mm nozzle, 1.75mm) with fan – able to print using PLA, ABS, HIPS, Nylon, Laywood, etcc.
- 12864 Full Graphics LCD Display – more info displayed
- original linear rails design retained (many suppliers substitute with rollers to reduce cost)
- Belt tension springs – keeps belts tight yet allows skipping when things go wrong


• Zero backlash.
• Type: Delta printer
• Speed: 320 mm/s in all 3 directions.
• Resolution: 160 steps/mm in all 3 directions.
• Repeatability: better than 0.03 mm (30 micron)
• Build volume: cylindrical, 220mm diameter, 220mm height.
• Footprint: triangle, 340 mm width, 380 mm across (300 mm 20 x 20 mm aluminum extrusion + printed corners).
• Frame height: 670 mm.
• Print surface: round glass, with aluminum heat plate underneath, doesn’t move.
• Mass of end effector with hotend: less than 50 grams.
• Metal hotend and heated bed to accommodate different filament materials; PLA, ABS, HIPS, nylon, Laywood, etc.
• Simplicity: fewer than 200 parts.
• Hardware cost: less than $530 CAD (comes without power supply).
• Fully automatic print surface level calibration (autoleveling).


Printed parts

• 1x hot end fan holder which also serves to attach the hotend.
• 1x end effector
• 1x extruder
• 1x retractable z probe
• 3x Bottom corners
• 3x Top corners
• 3x Self locking carriage
• 6x endstop holder & spacers
• 3x print surface holder & swivel tabs
• 1x reel holder


• 3x 670mm vertical 20mm x 20mm extrusion
• 9x 300mm horizontal 20mm x 20mm extrusion
• 1x 220mm round glass/borosilicate plate & fasteners
• 1x 220mm 3mm thick 85watt hotplate

Linear motion

• 3x 400mm hardened steel rail and carriages
• 3x 1380mm GT2 belt open loop with 2mm pitch and 6mm width
• flanged bearings F623ZZ 3x10x4mm
• 3x GT2 pulley with 20 teeth and 2mm pitch, ID=5mm
• 3x NEMA 17 Stepper motor 0.49Nm

Diagonal push rods

• 12x Traxxas rod ends
• 12x M4x20mm set screws
• 6x 261mm Carbon tube OD=6mm ID=4mm


• 1x E3D all metal Hotend 0.4mm for 1.75mm filament
• 1x Clear PTFE tubing ID=2mm OD=4mm
• 2x Push fit connector ID=4mm with M5 thread (for 1.75mm filament)


• 1x NEMA-17 stepper motor 0.49Nm
• 1x MK8 drive gear for extruder
• 1x 625ZZ ball bearing


• 3x micro switch

Automatic bed leveling probe

• 1x micro switch
• 1x Alan key


• 1 x Arduino Mega 2650
• 1 x RAMPS 1.4 shield
• 1 x 1 128×64 full graphics LCD display
• 4 x DRV8825 Stepper motor drivers (1/32 micro-stepping)
• 1x 40x40x10mm 12VDC Fan

Fasteners, wiring, springs, and all other minor components included.

Power supply not included.

Check out the new wiki for more info and build instructions!

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