Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2016

With more than 150 booths to check out, the Fraser Valley Makerspace was definitely in good company at the 2016 Mini Maker Faire. Drawing a much larger crowd than previous years, we were able to shine brighter as our booth attracted more spectators interested in what we have going on at the ‘Space. With increased interest in our activities, especially our kid’s classes at the White Rock Library, our next class is full with others wondering if we’ll hold more of the same in the future. Rob’s 3D Printer action attracted an audience of it’s own as he designed and printed pieces to secure parts of our display. A couple of kids even walked away with a goodie for their mine craft projects. Our time at the Mini Maker Faire was a result of the hard work of organizers and volunteers who made sure we had enough coffee, so we stayed wired and alert. Moreover, our Raspberry Pi powered Nintendo games should’ve had a booth of their own as kids and adults lined up to enjoy a bit of nostalgia. We think it’s […]

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    Christmas is coming Christmas is coming

    Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming

My wife better start saving

REMINDER – 3D604 Night June 26th

I just thought I’d put up a reminder that the first 3D604 night is quickly approaching. Mark your calendar for June 26th from 6 to 9pm – 4612 216 Street in Langley.

For all those 3d printing nahsayers

This has to be one of the most innovative uses of 3d printing out there. For all the nahsayers out there that don’t get how revolutionary 3d printing is going to be and simply write it off as a way to print trinkets and tchotchkes – point them at this. The Osteoid Medical Cast. Not only is it lighter, breathable and fully custom-fitted. It can also be coupled with a low intensity ultrasound system that when used improves the healing process up to 38% and the healing rate up to 80%. It’s going to be an amazing world 5-10 years from now!

Garage built concrete 3d printer

Garage built concrete 3d printer Well that didn’t take too long to replicate the industrial success of someone doing the same thing in China. via hackaday.