How It Started

The Fraser Valley Makerspace was founded as a friendly and supportive place for people out in the Lower Mainland to meet, connect and learn from one another on anything and everything to do with the DIY / DIWO / Maker movement.

There are many people out here in the Fraser Valley that have an interest but can’t commit the time, energy and expense to travelling into the great spaces offered in Vancouver (Vancouver Hackspace, Maker Labs, Vancouver Community Lab).

And having just obtained a 1200 sq ft office for his own business one of the founders thought why not also use this large (mostly empty) office space as a starting point to allow the makers of the valley to connect and see where things go.

As the turnout and interest has grown it was decided that forming a non-profit society was in the best interest of the group and would formalize the FVM as the “go-to” space for makers out in the Fraser Valley.


( Fraser Valley Makerspace – upstairs above the coffee shop )



Where It’s Going

Being 100% community funded the space as it sits today is primarily a meeting spot where we can show one another what we’re working on and work on smaller projects as a group – checkout our current projects. The goal is to continue growing the community and eventually introduce membership fees so that a dedicated warehouse space can be rented with larger equipment and tools onsite that enable the next scale of making.

Also it’s worth mentioning that even with a couple soldering stations and a few smaller pieces of equipment you can still do quite a lot in the existing space so come check it out! And even more significant are the relationships you can make – there are many members that have standalone shops or converted garages so getting your ideas and project off the ground is really a conversation away, whether it’s 3d printing some parts or laser cutting a file someone will be able to help you out.

Finally, we are very focused on offering the space to other groups in the community (eg. 3D604, music, art, etc.) and allowing them to organize more formal nights that have speakers, a structured agenda, etc.

Contact if you have an interest in this and we can figure out how to make it work for you.

We are excited to see where the space goes through 2014!

Sincerely the founding team,

Jason Grijzen
Ehud Yaniv
Steve Magnusson
Mike Kirk